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The Drug of Art aims to encourage young people to find their medium of expression and be creative! We are working on creating online masterclasses to be able to reach as many young people around the UK to take part and be inspired. Whether you are interested in drawing, sculpting, crochet or looking for a creative way to reflect, one of our talented artists will be able to teach you a new way of creating something you’ll be proud of.

Recording Seb Dewing Masterclass at ArtRoom Brighton

Our Artists:

Alison Lapper
Painter and Digital Artist.

Gary Mansfield
Artist and Curator

Photographer and Creative Director

Jade Monsterrat
Text and Performance Artist

Seb Dewing
Character Design and Teacher

Jack Durling

Stevie Georgina 
Crochet and Textiles artist

At the Drug of Art, we want to build a community of young people through our physical and online workshops to come together with the same interests of the love of making and learning new skills. A safe space that encourages reflection, experimenting and art for all!

The masterclasses will require a log in process but are free to watch.

If you are interested in getting access to our masterclasses for your classroom or youth group - drop us an email at